How Can Hypnosis help your Weight Loss Program?

When diet and exercise have failed, you may try hypnosis as an alternative and effective approach to weight loss – Yes! Hypnosis actually works in weight loss programmes. However a standalone hypnosis weight loss program may not be your best bet. You should augment your existing diet and exercise weight loss program with hypnosis and reap the best rewards.

Hypnosis Plan

Weight loss programs that underwent hypnosis treatment were comparatively seen to be much more effective and faster than other forms of treatment programmes to reduce weight. Read on to know the exact process how hypnosis works to lose weight naturally and effectively

How does Hypnosis Work?

For hypnosis to be really effective in your endeavour to lose weight, you could go through the following program

First day

Curb your cravings on the first day through hypnosis. Most of binge eating happens during stress or times of depression. At this stage, your mind will be prepared in a way that you will have to think of a food that does not give you pleasure as soon as you start craving for your favourite food during stressful times.

Second Day

Get rid of eating items that result from emotional overload. Binge eating as mentioned above is a result of stress. On the second day, the stress is addressed and the mind is trained to get rid of stress without resorting to self-destructive eating habits.

Third Day

Control your eating. On this day the mind is trained into paying more attention to what is in the mouth. Once this is done, you will take more time to chew your food well and eat slowly. This will help in weight loss.

Day Four

Jumpstart a motivated frame of mind. The mind always tries to put barriers towards hard work. So on this day the hypnosis will be targeted at creating motivation in your mind towards working out.

 Day five

This day is dedicated to let your mind work out a middle course between that part of the mind which says lose weight and that part which says it is too difficult to lose weight.

Day six

Recharge your self- esteem. This day is dedicated to making you remember some compliments that you might have received and recharging your self-esteem through that.

Day seven

Get back your confidence. As you start developing your self-esteem, the vision of a leaner body becomes clearer and you are then trained to hold on to confidence that will in turn help you lose more weight.

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