Hula Hooping Or Hulaerobics For Fun Weight Loss

California is seeing a return of the Hula hooping craze recently and this time around it isn’t little girls in frocks frolicking, but adults who are a great deal more serious about weight loss issues. Fitness instructor Basia Baklinski is on a mission to get people bikini-ready for summer using a fun fitness method; the so called Hulaerobics.

Baklinski claims to be able to teach anyone how to hula hoop in her Hulaerobics class which she organizes once a week. This is so much fun and there is so much laughter in these classes she claims, that people are probably losing some of their weight just because of the laughter!

hula hoopingThe first step is to get into the proper rhythm of movement so that the hula hoop is not slipping down constantly.

After that several different elements of complex movement can be added: you can do jumps, add dance steps, wave your arms about and do many other things.

After one has become more proficient with the hula hooping, one can even throw a ball and catch it.

A special hoop is used here; different from the usual plastic ones made for kids.

These are heavy; some weigh more since they have water inside them and hence are easier to propel round.

Source: Chatham Daily News