How Behavioral Modifications Help In Your Weight Loss Program?

Weight Loss ProgramWant to make your weight loss program successful? Then include behavioral modification as an important component of your weight loss program.

Behavioral modification mainly focuses on three components, such as self-monitoring, stimulus control and self-reward.

Self-monitoring! This involves every day record of the place and time of food that you eat and associated thoughts and feelings.

This record helps to identify the physical and emotional settings in which eating occur.

Stimulus control! This involves little modifications such as setting the events that precede eating, the type of foods you have consumed and the result of eating the foods.

Self-reward! It includes gratifying yourself for making control on your eating habits.

Weight loss approaches:

An anxious desire to lose weight is the basis of following extreme approaches of weight loss. Here are some extreme approaches for successful weight loss.

Drugs: Amphetamines is a drug which suppresses your appetite, but it may cause many side effects. Phenyl propanolamine is also an appetite suppressing drug which raises your blood pressure thus causing confusion, stroke, hallucinations and psychotic behavior.

Fad diets: The products which you find in the market as weight loss products are scientifically inaccurate and may nutritionally inadequate too. In fact they make weight loss more difficult and may not bring about behavioral changes.

Fasting: Fasting brings a drastic change in your body and it acts as a successful treatment for obesity. Fasting may range from whole fasting to very low calorie intake such as 200-800 cal.

Fasting for longer periods can lead to some side effects such as acidosis, hypertension, lowered BMR, neurological and hormonal side-effects. It is an extreme weight loss approach and can be used by very obese people strictly under medical administration.

Special clothing and body wraps: This type of products help weight loss in specific spots of the body in order to reduce your body size.

Surgery: You can also use some surgical techniques such as jaw wiring, lipectomy and intestinal bypass. These methods are recommended for extremely obese people and they also result in some side effects.

Strategies to make weight loss successful:

  • Don’t eat heavy meals at a time. Spreading the food throughout the day can give required energy for your body functions.
  • Choose different varieties of physical exercises which you can enjoy and fits your personality and your daily work schedule.
  • Adapt family meals to a greater extent. Learn to adjust the methods of food preparation and reduce the consumption of fats.
  • Whenever you want to eat outside of your home it is better to select simply prepared items other than combination dishes. Stay away from fried foods and select fruits as desserts rather than ice-creams, puddings, etc.
  • Set weight loss goals for short-term and long-term. You will get more encouragement when you celebrate your every success.
  • Also include exercise in your daily routine to get more benefits.
  • Don’t set very high goals. Set small goals like losing ½-1 kg per week.

These approaches and strategies greatly help you in losing weight successfully.