Top 7 Fitness Related Myths Busted!

No matter how many times a week you visit the gym or how conscious about your fitness levels you are, there are always some misconceptions that people have about fitness, health and exercising.  While you instructor will tell you something, the internet may speak to you differently.

This variation in facts about fitness can leave you confused, misinformed and under a myth about various things. This is why; we have come up with a list of the top 7 fitness related myths along with their real truths. Let’s take a look.

fitness related myths busted!

1. Running on Treadmill Puts Less Stress on Knees as Compared to Roads and Pavements

Running is superb for the body but it can put some stress on the knees because while running, the body exerts a force on the joints. This stress is the same no matter you are running on the pavement or asphalt or on the treadmill.  To reduce this, you must vary your workout and mix things up a little bit at the gym. To know more about treadmills, you can read treadmill reviews that are available online.

2. Doing Abs will Help Reduce Belly Fat

Doing crunches or workout on various types of ab machines can surely help to strengthen the muscles around the midsection and may also help to tighten up your posture but this is no great way to eliminate belly fat.  We just cannot pick areas for fat reduction no matter how well we target those areas through crunches etc.

3. An Aerobic Exercise Session Improves Metabolism for Several Hours

It is true that after a session of aerobic exercises, your metabolism will work well but the amount of calories you burn probably won’t be as much as you think.

4. Swimming is Superb for Weight Loss

There is no denying of the fact that swimming is superb exercise and has many benefits but if you are doing only for weight loss, then you should probably think again.  Unless you are swimming for several hours a day, this exercise cannot really lead to weight loss. Infact, swimming may actually lead you to eat more which in turn makes you gain weight.

5. Yoga can Help with Back Pain

Yes, yoga can help with many kinds of aches and pains but it may not necessarily reduce back pain for everyone.  Infact, if not done correctly, yoga can lead to injury for those suffering from back pain or may aggravate the situation.

6. If you aren’t Able to Sweat, you are Probably not Working Hard Enough

Sweating is not always a sign of a high intensity workout or exertion. Sweating is infact a way for the body to get cooled down.  Thus if you aren’t able to sweat during the workout, don’t freak out.

7. Elliptical Machines are a must have for Cardio

Many people think that bringing home an elliptical is the best way to ensure you get cardio training but in truth, you can really do without it. You can replace an elliptical with a treadmill or going for a run outdoors. Log on to to know more about these machines.