Crash Diets Are Bound To Crash In The End

dietingThe term “crash diet” is one that should raise warning flags, as it is only too accurate.

A crash is not usually a good thing – the word implies destruction, and that’s what you are inviting when you try to lose a lot of weight in a hurry.

Any rapid weight loss, i.e. more than two or three pounds in a week, has inherent dangers that a lot of the current “miracle” diets’ proponents don’t tell you about.

Consider these proven facts before you put yourself on any diet that claims to ‘guarantee’ major weight loss in days or weeks.

The first weight you lose is water weight, which will indeed make your bathroom scales register a few pounds less.

However, all you are accomplishing is dehydration, which over an extended period of time will do serious damage to your body – in fact millions of people have died of it!  (Not usually due to dieting, but you get the idea.)

Remember that the body’s metabolism converts calories to energy. No calories, no energy, simple as that. You cannot expect to function well in your day-to-day life without energy, much less keep up any kind of exercise to tone muscles or burn fat.

If your body is getting adequate nutrients in the form of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, the calories stored in fat will get burned first. If not, whatever is available begins to be metabolized; loss of muscle tissue is the result.

Any knowledgeable and responsible physician or dietician will tell you that trying to lose weight too fast is hazardous to your health. Not only will you almost invariably gain it all back – with interest, but you’re risking much larger problems.