Diet & Exercise – The Right Mix for Weight Loss

Most people who meet a fitness instructor have one question on their mind – how do I lose weight? And more often than not, the answer would be – with diet and exercise. A successful weight loss program involves exercise habits coupled with the right diet. While the advice may seem old fashioned and heavy weight, the bottom line is that diet just means eating low calorie and healthy meals while exercisepoints at being more active.

Diet is often a term used in conjunction with losing weight, but in reality, eating healthy is good for everyone and so is being active. Activity translates into burning what we eat and so the cycle continues. When you do not eat healthy and are also less active, your body gets into an imbalance. That is whydiet and exercise are often used when discussing weight loss.

Healthy Activity Guide

Starting with a simple and standard physical activity such as walking is an ideal way to begin exercising. Continue this for a few months and build up stamina. This will prevent soreness and injury as you scale up the activity level. Cardio-vascular exercises through exercise bikes, treadmills and elliptical are the next level of physical activity to indulge in. Include more outdoor chores like gardening, running errands by a bike or a walk.

If you do not feel motivated enough then try enrolling into a fitness program where you meet like-minded people and find exercising enjoyable. However, for some this may be easier said than done due to financial constraints. But putting off a healthy activity for want of money is not such a great idea. If your cash crunch is a short term one then opt for a pay day loan from a reputed lender and get down to the job immediately.

Healthy Diet Guide

Eating healthy need not mean boring food. Include variety and creativity to make every meal tasty and healthy too. Make sure that 3/4ths of your main meals contain vegetables, cereals, whole grain and fruits. Try to replace snacks with salads and consume more fiber than refined foods. Include dairy products and protein in your diet versus simple carbohydrates. Choose lean meat over red meat. Limit the intake of beverages and choose water and fruit crushes. Most importantly, quit snacking and do not eat when you are not hungry.