Dangers Of Using Pregnancy Injections As Diet Aid

pregnancy injectionsA new weight loss plan is sweeping across every small town and big city in America but it does not have FDA approval and most doctors are advising against its use.

The hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is produced by pregnant women and it is designed to supply nutrients to the fetus as it develops inside the womb.

Certain clinics are promoting injections of the hormone as part of a weight loss program; individuals using it have announced dramatic results.

New Life Medical’s Dr Brian Acrement has almost two hundred patients taking this treatment and he says that it activates fat stored in the body.

HCG is aimed at obese individuals who have a large weight loss to achieve and Acrement claims that the tiny dose given is totally safe.

Other professionals disagree and point to various studies that have repeatedly shown that it has no advantages at all compared with other methods of losing weight.

Daria and Dan Lloyd are convinced that HCG has helped them to lose a total of ninety pounds between them in only 16 weeks. They have been having regular injections along side, a healthier diet and improved fitness regime.

The pair had tried just about every available diet and weight loss program on the Market and felt they had nothing to lose. Dan did have some worries at taking a female hormone but still went ahead.

Although the plan costs 100 dollars a week and can last for over three months, Daria Lloyd is convinced it is worth it. She is delighted with a new found figure saying that the hormone works in all the right places.