Checking Obesity – A Doctor’s Role

obesityThough medical intervention is seen to be very effective in affecting weight loss among those whose health is threatened by obesity, there are challenges posed.

Limited time for visits and inadequate remuneration for the services offered are some of the problems that come in the way of intensive intervention that is seen to be so effective in the case of treating obesity.

It is more than just the doctor telling the patient that he or she needs to lose weight and then the patient doing what needs to be done to that end. When a structured program is put in place, one finds that obesity is far better able to be controlled.

It has been seen that due to inadequate remuneration to doctors for their services we are seeing less implementation of programs such as the intensive medical intervention.

Also many procedures and medications such as weight-loss drugs sibutramine hydrochloride and orlistat are also not covered by medical insurance.  These and other obesity related issues have come into sharper focus with the Lets Get Moving campaign recently launched by first lady Michelle Obama.