Can Weight Loss Be Toxic?

Korean researchers are claiming that losing weight may have the result of releasing toxic substances into the body. In a study that was published in the International Journal of Obesity, it was claimed that weight loss may release organic pollutants into the body that could end up causing damage to the internal organs of the body.

weight lossPersistent Organic Pollutants or POPs are those which build up inside the body over the years, which may come from environmental pollutants, industrial processes, drugs, pesticides etc and which accumulate in the human tissue.

These can be connected to various problems such as endocrine disturbances, reproductive problems, immune problems, and even cancer and dementia.

Researchers are claiming that these POPs get stored in the body as fat and they then get released when that body fat is lost and could thereby cause injury to the internal organs.

In the study, serum concentrations of those who had lost weight over the past 10 years were seen to be higher while the reverse was true for those who gained weight during the period.

The considered view, in spite of the findings of the study, however, is that the possible problems are far outweighed by the many benefits of weight loss.