Can Drinking Water Helps In Weight Loss?

drinking waterAre you really working out for a healthy weight loss? How many glasses of water do you drink daily? Incredible as it may seem! Water is considered as the most important catalyst, which can help you greatly in your weight loss program.

An abundant daily intake of clean, pure and uncontaminated water is the only true magic potion, which can help you in losing extra pounds of your body permanently.

Water mainly suppresses your appetite and helps your body in regular metabolism process [Water diet].

Most of the recent studies have assertively shown that any reduction in your regular intake of water can considerably lead to deposition of unwanted fat in your body.

Drinking adequate amounts of water regularly is considered as the best method for fluid retention. But, if your body receives very less amounts of water, then your body perceives this shortage as a threat to survival and usually begins to retain each and every drop.

As a result, this retained water can be shown up as swollen hands, legs and feet. So, never try to avoid drinking water, as it is very essential for your normal body functioning.

8 glasses a day! Is it enough?

Most of the dietitians and researchers believe that drinking at least 8 ounces of water in a day can actually speed up your body weight loss. But, most of the recent studies have assertively proved that drinking about 17 ounces of water can subsequently increase your body metabolic rate by 30%.

Even, it has been estimated that over the entire course of a year, an individual who actually increases his overall water consumption by at least 1.5 liters every day can actually burn 17, 400 calories and can subsequently experience a weight loss of approximately 5 pounds.

So, try to increase your overall consumption of water as much as possible for you. But never try drinking more water or never try to start drinking water with larger amounts.

Water! Better substitute for all liquids?

Water doesn’t contain any calories. So, drinking water instead of juices or milk or even soda can greatly help you in reducing the calorie content of your diet and consequently help you in reducing extra weight.

However, it becomes very essential for you to know that water doesn’t have any nutritional values, which are generally present in certain liquids like milk or other fruit juices. For example, milk is a good source for proteins and calcium and citrus fruit juice is a rich source for vitamin C. So, drinking water does not give you any calcium or other essential proteins [Juice diet].

So, never consider water as a better substitute for all liquids. Apart from drinking adequate amounts of water, try to include essential liquids like seasonal fruit juices and milk in your regular diet plan.