Bariatric Surgery – The Last Resort For Obese People

bariatric surgeryIf all else fails seriously overweight people can resort to bariatric surgery to assist them in losing weight.

For those that are severely obese it can be a matter of life or death.

In a recent study published in The Cochrane Library, it is clear that taking the route of surgical intervention is more successful than any type of diet or exercise program.

Basically although there are risks from anesthetic as with any procedure of this nature, success rates are very high.

Furthermore for moderately heavier subjects not seen as at risk from their size, deciding on surgery helped them lose over eighty five percent of their excess pounds.

The research studied obesity at the level of 30 body mass index (BMI) to 40 BMI, all of who had a weight related health problem for example diabetes. The University of Virginia’s assistant of surgery, Peter Hallowell, M.D. understands the appeal of surgery.

Intervention for the less obese people will cure them of certain diseases related to being overweight. Over five thousand cases looked at the data produced clearly shows that the success of weight loss after bariatric surgery means that for most people it is a risk well worth taking.

This may mean that more surgeons will agree to perform surgery on a wider spectrum of overweight individuals. It is however still a very serious step to take and caution as always should be stressed when decisions are being made.