Obesity and Social Media – Closely Associated

People are getting too much involved in these social media websites these days and this is resulting in increased weight of the people over a period of considerable time. The people are becoming more passive and idle, and they rarely take time to play some active sports or go out for a walk and continuously use social media as an engaging option and escapes from the real, happening world. You might be surprised to know that the friend circle on the social media website also influences the rate of your obesity. People are likely to gain weight if they have friends that are heavier than them and similarly, people having leaner friends are seen to lose weight faster. This is not necessarily applicable in every case but the researches on the students have provided such results.

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What are the reasons and how do the social media have an effect on a person’s weight?

  • Influence from the friends- Your friend circle’s posts on social media constitutes selfie and pictures clicked in the gym and in the jogging parks with the proper get up make you think and follow a healthy exercise routine. They influence you indirectly to get up and start working out. On the other hand, if you see your social media friends just being at home and not getting involved in the active sports, then you too become lazy and idle like them. You get involved in passive online gaming and other stuff with them and put on some weight.
  • You are defined by how your friends are- The people on the social media are the ones that spend their maximum time with online friends and not the real ones. You stay in touch with these online friends throughout and that makes you get familiar with their lifestyle and daily routines and their likes and dislikes. You gradually try to uptake those qualities from your friend circle on social media and thus regulate your health and habits.
  • Everything is available online- Now you can look for everything online, be it a small thing from a needle to big things like home appliances and furniture online. You do save your time but the active exercise that you do while searching and going out in the open in the market is left somewhere behind.

Humans are social animals but that doesn’t make up an addict to the social media. Enjoy being online and getting social with friends but the active participation in exercises and work out should be taken care of for personal benefits.