Avoid Obesity to Help Fight Infertility

What has Obesity got to do with Infertility?

This might be your first question on reading the title of this article, but a little bit of research will make it very clear that obesity affects most women so much so that they often fail to conceive. It has been noted that around 35-40% women who fail to get pregnant are suffering from obesity. PCOS is a common occurrence in young women as well as those in the late 30’s and being overweight is a direct cause of this problem. Hence, it can be stated surely that obesity plays a high risk factor that often leads to infertility.

Overweight affect Fertility

Why does being Overweight affect Fertility Issues?

There are several causes due to which obesity establishes a direct relationship with difficulties in conceiving. The causes for infertility because of being overweight have been given below:

  • The primary reason for infertility being brought about by obesity is that of the abnormal production of male hormones in the female body. These androgen’s that are formed in the abdomen of a woman causes follicular maturation to be inhibited, thereby preventing any chances of ovulation in the female body.
  • Another cause of infertility is that obesity causes drastic changes in the hormonal levels. A commonly known hormone that is said to affect metabolic rates and energy levels is leptin, and obesity defines its levels majorly.
  • Hormonal changes and abnormalities are generally brought forth by obesity, which lead to irregularities in menstrual cycles and inability to fertilize effectively.

Does Obesity cause Infertility to women only?

No, obesity has fairly equal chances of causing male infertility as well. Given below are some of the lesser known facts related to male infertility as a result of obesity:

  • Infertility in men, like women, is brought forth mainly by hormonal fluctuations and obesity affects the male body quite similarly. Being overweight leads to drastic reduction in the levels of several male hormones such as testosterone and gonadotropins.
  • Obesity affects hormonal ratios, such as androgen-to-estrogen ratio, and such other medical figures. Also, it causes a sharp decline in the natural resistance to insulin.
  • Obesity causes several sexual discomforts and leads to impairments and disorders in semen quality, erectile factors, etc.


The only solution to this problem is prevention. It is high time for all of us to realize the far-reaching effects of obesity and the way it takes a toll on the fertility options of both men and women. It is important for all to avoid fatty foods as much as possible, do exercise each day and follow a healthy diet to keep away from being overweight.