Reducing Cholesterol Is Possible By Making Simple Dietary Changes!

Reducing CholesterolYou can reduce cholesterol level by following some diet rules.

These diet rules will enable you to take some foods and eliminate some foods from your diet. So, add cholesterol reducing foods to your diet.

If you follow the below steps then you can reduce cholesterol levels:

  • You can reduce your cholesterol by eliminating the meat, fish, and dairy content foods. For reducing cholesterol, you can prefer vegetarian food. Eliminate foods which contain high amount of fats and also eliminate the high fat plant foods (nuts, olives, and avocado).
  • For reducing cholesterol, you eliminate the processed grains such as white flour, white rice and packaged breakfast cereals. Prefer taking whole grains such as whole wheat flour, oatmeal and brown rice.
  • Also avoid the sugar in all its forms (white sugar, jam, syrups, sweetened sauces, soda, fruit juices and honey). You can take products of fruits and tomato. Even these products have high sugar contents, but they will not cause you any problem.
  • Take the limited amounts of whole milk, cream, butter, egg yolks, cheese, ice cream and other bakery foods for reducing cholesterol.
  • Choose healthier fats and heart healthy fish (cod, tuna and halibut) as these foods contain low saturated fats and cholesterol amounts than other meats. You can also improve your heart health by taking salmon, mackerel and herring that help in reducing cholesterol.
  • If you practice doing aerobic exercises daily then you can add beneficial effects of reducing cholesterol.

You can reduce cholesterol between 200 and 300 milligrams per day. Your excess weight contributes to high amount of cholesterol, so you have to reduce your weight.

Cholesterol Diet to reduce cholesterol level:

Cholesterol diet will help you to reduce your cholesterol and weight. You have to maintain your diet by following below average contents per day for reducing cholesterol.

  • Take 1200 calories per day.
  • Dietary cholesterol content per day is 120 mg per day.
  • Take 22 grams of fat and saturated fat of 4 grams per day.
  • The diet supported by this program is rich in dietary fiber and soluble fiber.

You can repeat reducing cholesterol plan until your cholesterol levels reach to normal. Reducing cholesterol diet is best choice for reducing cholesterol and fat levels quickly.

Prefer following foods for reducing cholesterol:

If you have high amount of cholesterol, then you should consider taking fruits, vegetables and high fiber foods regularly. You can take lean red meats and poultry without skin. Take limited nuts and seeds. Take limited amounts of unsaturated vegetable oils (olive, safflower, canola and sunflower oils).

Supplements which are used for reducing cholesterol:

The supplements from garlic to guggulsterone and from fish oil to policosanol are the products which are used for reducing cholesterol. These are considered as the best reducing cholesterol supplements.

If you reach to your target cholesterol levels, then you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems (heart attacks and strokes).