Maintain Low Cholesterol Diet For Cardiovascular Health!

Cholesterol DietThe waxy substance which is produced by liver and important for every cell present in your body is cholesterol.

Diet which consists of cholesterol is cholesterol diet. This is obtained from the saturated fats present in different foods.

Cholesterol required by your body can be produced by liver. So, it is not required to take diet with cholesterol.

If you take the diet which contain excess cholesterol then you will suffer from many problems. Prefer taking low cholesterol diet that avoids many health problems.

Cholesterol Diet which lowers your cholesterol level:

Cholesterol diet will help you to reduce your cholesterol and weight. You can maintain your cholesterol diet by following below average contents per day.

  • Take 1200 calories per day.
  • Dietary cholesterol content per day is 120 mg per day.
  • Take 22 grams of fat and saturated fat of 4 grams per day.
  • The cholesterol diet supports foods which are rich in dietary fiber and soluble fiber.

You can repeat this plan until your cholesterol levels reach to normal. This diet is best choice for reducing fats and cholesterol levels quickly.

Low cholesterol diet with following foods:

You can reduce saturated fats by reducing the meats and dairy products made with whole milk. Avoid some oils which secretes saturated fats in them; these oils are coconut oil, palm oil and cocoa butter. These oils are used in baked foods, snack foods and margarine.

So, avoid these foods which raise your cholesterol levels.  Unsaturated fats are less likely to raise cholesterol levels and these are found in plants.

For following low cholesterol diet, you should decrease total fat (particularly saturated fats) from diet. You should reduce the cholesterol content foods. You should prefer limited sodium intake and increase fiber and complex carbohydrates.

A sample menu for low cholesterol diet is as follows:

  • Prefer taking whole grain cereal with nonfat milk and fruit.
  • You can take Mediterranean salmon with bread, fruit and yogurt.
  • You can take turkey burger with healthy fries, fruit and salads on bun.
  • You can take pop corn and juice.

Why you should follow low cholesterol diet?

You can get energy from the fat. But if you take the fat more than limited, then it will cause harmful effects.

More fat will affect your circulatory system and increases your cholesterol levels. If your cholesterol levels are increased then you will be affected with heart attack or heart stroke.

The heart pumps the blood that carries oxygen and important nutrients with the help of blood vessels called coronary arteries. If your body contains cholesterol more than the normal level then cholesterol is left behind in the coronary arteries.

You can lower this cholesterol levels with the help of low cholesterol diet, nutrition and medication. Avoid the foods which contain high cholesterol level. If you take diet without caring about cholesterol level then you have to face serious problems in your life.

You should take the low cholesterol diet as more cholesterol levels affect your cardiovascular health.