Lower your Cholesterol Without Medication with these Effective Tips

High cholesterol is one of the most common problem with which people, especially those over the age of 40 years suffer. There can be many reasons for high cholesterol and it may also be caused because of genetic or hereditary reasons.

But most of us consider taking over the counter medicines and drugs to bring down the cholesterol levels whereas in reality, there are many other natural ways which can do the trick.  There are many simple ways to lower down cholesterol without medication and the following are the top ways:

lower your cholesterol without medication with these effective tips

Changing the Diet

Changing the diet a little bit can really encourage lowering down of the cholesterol levels.  Eating a large amount of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other plant based fruits can bring down the cholesterol naturally, without the need of drugs.

Eating Oatmeal at Breakfast

Another amazing way to lower down the cholesterol without resorting to medication is to start your day with a bowl of oatmeal.  Oatmeal is considered the best defense against high cholesterol because it contains soluble fiber and this fiber turns into gel form in the body.

Get 8-10 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Sleep deprivation can raise the bad cholesterol in the body and hence one of the best ways to lower down the level is to get enough sleep-about 8-10 hours every night.  This is also a method by following which you wouldn’t have to start taking medication for lowering cholesterol.

Exercising One Hour Daily

Another amazing way to see a dip in cholesterol level in the body without taking drugs is to exercise for one hour daily.  Even a brisk walk for an hour everyday can be effective not only for lowering cholesterol but also high blood pressure.

Eating Less Gluten

Eating lesser amount of gluten is yet another effective method of lowering cholesterol which can be bad for the health and the heart. It is better to avoid multi-grain products as they can are not any better than baked foods made with refined flour.  Sticking to whole grain products is a better idea.

Brush Food with Cinnamon

Another easy and effective way to lower cholesterol without medication is to dust your food with cinnamon.  According to research, about ½ tablespoon of cinnamon taken daily can cut down the total cholesterol by about 26 percent.  Thus brushing cinnamon on food items can lower down cholesterol.  Yoghurt and cottage cheese go great with cinnamon brushing.