How To Stay In Safe Cholesterol Levels To Prevent Heart Attack?

Cholesterol LevelCholesterol will be developed by your liver from saturated fat in your diet.

Generally cholesterol develops in the body from various foods such as meats, eggs and dairy products.

The cholesterol level in your body should not exceed the high cholesterol in your body as it will lead to severe health problems.

Men who are aged above 35 and women who are aged above 45 should check their levels of cholesterol regularly.

Safe cholesterol level is the level in which your body cholesterol will be in neutral or safe state.

If you have cholesterol in your body, then it is essential to minimize the cholesterol present in your body.

Excess cholesterol percentage in your body can cause heart attack, because excess cholesterol will block all the valves of your heart.

Basically there are three categories of total blood cholesterol they are:

  • Desirable safe cholesterol level- less than 200 mg/dL
  • Borderline high risk- 200 to 239 mg/dL
  • High risk- 240 mg/dL and over

Desirable safe cholesterol level:

  • In this level the risk of obtaining heart attack is relatively low, apart from other risk factors.
  • You can control this level by taking proper diet which does not contain high saturated fats in it.
  • Regular exercise is also necessary to maintain your neutral cholesterol in your body.
  • Check your levels of cholesterol more often to know the percentage of cholesterol in your body if you are a man over 45 or a woman over 55.
  • There are several chances to obtain high cholesterol if you are aged above 50.

Borderline high risk:

  • The level of cholesterol between 200 to 239 mg/ dL is said to be borderline high risk level.
  • There are several chances to obtain heart attack in this level.
  • The people who are at this level should certainly follow the methods to control the level of cholesterol percentage in their body.
  • Not everyone who has the borderline high risk cholesterol level have the risk of heart attack.
  • The risk of heart attack in this level will be obtained to the women or men aged above 55 and who don’t follow proper measures to control the cholesterol.
  • Some people such as young men without any risk factors and women before entering menopause may have desirable LDL cholesterol and high HDL levels.

High risk:

  • You can obtain this if your level of cholesterol is more than 240 mg/dL and more.
  • This is a high risk category with typically twice the risk of heart attack.
  • If you’re in high risk factor, your doctor will advise for more detailed tests to verify the level of different types of lipids (blood fats) in your body.
  • Tests will be conducted typically on high-density lipoprotein (HDL), low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and triglycerides.
  • You should certainly follow the proper measures to attain neutral cholesterol in your body, if you are in high risk factor.

Out of these three levels the desirable safe cholesterol level is the safest level. If you are in borderline high risk or high risk then you should control your diet and consume necessary tablets required to obtain safe cholesterol level.