Top 10 High Cholesterol Foods You Should Avoid

Cholesterol is necessary in our bodies to help in the production of hormones and the proper functioning of the cell membranes. Our body produces the required quantity of cholesterol on its own so having cholesterol from external sources is not needed. Care should be taken to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol as high levels is bad for health and may lead to heart diseases or even stroke.

foods rich in cholestrol

A constant monitoring of cholesterol level is recommended to take necessary precautions or medication if necessary to keep the cholesterol under control. Apart from this, a controlled diet which is free from high cholesterol food is also necessary.

Find below a list of cholesterol rich food items you should avoid in order to keep your cholesterol under check.

1. Butter: 100 gms of butter contains about 215 milligrams of cholesterol which constitutes about 72% 0f DV. DV is the Daily Value of current percent cholesterol you should get. The current value is 300 mg. A tablespoon full of butter contains 30 mg or 10% DV. In order to avoid butter however, you will need to avoid cakes, pastries, cookies, biscuits and breads and even cooked vegetables in an eat out.

2. Egg yolks:  Yolks of eggs are the food with the highest amount of cholesterol. Carrying about 1234 mg of cholesterol in a 100 gm serving size which is 411% of the DV.A single egg yolk gives about 210 mgs of cholesterol against a 211 mgs of cholesterol in the full egg that gives about 71% DV. Out of this the egg yolk alone constitutes 70%DV.

3. Liver: Animals produce cholesterol in livers and hence any food preparation with liver in it will contain high DV of cholesterol.

4. Cheese: Known for its calcium rich properties, cheese is used to add taste to almost any food. However, it is also packed with high cholesterol.  1” cube of cheese will pack you with 21 mgs of cholesterol.

5. Processed Meats: This has added fat during processing and the amount of cholesterol depends on the cut or portion size.

6. Shellfish: Fishes like clams, mussels and oysters have large amount of cholesterol which is about 105 mg in a 100 gm serving.

7. Shrimps:  Theses are another source of high cholesterol with 100 gms of serving of shrimp giving around 195 mg of cholesterol.

8. Fish packed in oil: Fish like Atlantic sardines which have been packed in oil are storehouses of cholesterol giving 142 mgs per 100 gms of serving.

9. Caviar: Extremely high in cholesterol, caviar gives about 588 mgs per 100 gm serving.

10. Fast food: Fast foods and specially the readymade breakfast food like egg and sausage and biscuits should be avoided as they contain high amounts of cholesterol.

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