Concerned About Elevated Cholesterol Levels? Try These Cholesterol Recipes!

Low cholesterol recipesLow cholesterol recipes can be used by the people suffering with elevated cholesterol levels.

If you want delicious foods with low cholesterol, prefer taking low cholesterol recipes.

By taking low cholesterol recipes, you can avoid the risk of heart problems and overweight.

Low cholesterol recipes are available for both vegetarians and non vegetarians.

The main source of your cholesterol level is your careless diet. So, you have to take care of your diet without fatty foods.

Some of the new low cholesterol recipes are as follows:

Low cholesterol recipe for non vegetarian:

Kellymike’s corn chowder: This is the low cholesterol recipe which is not sweet but it will give you a spicy kick of cayenne.

For preparing this recipe, first you have to melt the butter with medium high heat in a pan. Then add onions and pepper and cook it translucently. Next you have to make it as smooth paste by adding flour and then cook it in butter. You have to continue stirring and cooking until it comes to golden color.

Then stir it continuously until it become as smooth gravy by adding chicken broth gradually. After it becomes smooth gravy you have to turn down the heat to medium low. This mixture is stirred by adding corn and potatoes.

After this, stir it in the chicken gravy. Add cayenne, salt and pepper to achieve taste. Now over low heat you have to cook and stir it about 15 minutes.

This is the low cholesterol recipe from which you can obtain low fats, low calories and low cholesterol.

Low cholesterol recipe for vegetarian:

Simmered eggplant and tomato:For preparing this low cholesterol recipe, first you have to heat the three table spoons of oil on large pan with medium high heat. Then add onion by cooking it gently and add garlic.

Now you have to add large piece of eggplant and stir it. After this mixture absorbed all the oil, add some more oil and stir it.

Next add salt, pepper and flakes. This mixture is covered with eggplant until it becomes transparent. Now you have to add two cans of tomatoes along with liquid.

Now this total mixture should be stirred well. Then you stir again by reducing to low heat from 10 to 15 minutes. Now the low cholesterol recipe is ready for you. So you can serve it with a main dish plain.

If you are already following some other low cholesterol diets, then before following the low cholesterol diet you have to avoid use of fatty foods such as butter, cheese and other processed foods which will add much cholesterol into your body. For achieving the best results of low cholesterol recipes, you have to avoid fatty foods.

If you will not care about your cholesterol level it will affect your important part that is heart. So keep on vision of your cholesterol level and achieve good cardiovascular health by following low cholesterol recipes.