Cholesterol Test To Determine The Levels Of Cholesterol And Estimate The Risks!

Cholesterol TestCholesterol test screens the risk of developing the heart diseases.

Cholesterol test is the simple blood test that checks your cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol test is very easy and simple test.

How the cholesterol test is performed?

Similar to blood test, the cholesterol test is performed by taking few drops of blood from your finger or arm or from the back of the hand. For performing this test, first the area where you are taking blood should be cleaned with antiseptic (germ killing medicine).

Then wrap an elastic band around the arm for applying pressure on the site and squeeze blood from vein.

Then take a needle and insert into the site where you have cleaned. Collect this blood into the tube. Now elastic band which is wrapped around arm is removed.

After collecting the blood into tube, remove the needle from the site. The area where you have squeezed blood should be covered with hand and stop bleeding.

Choles trak is the home cholesterol test:

This is the reliable and economical cholesterol testing kit. This type of test is approved by FDA. This is very easy test for measuring cholesterol level. You can perform this test by following below steps. This test is done quickly within ten minutes and can be tested privately in your home.

  • This test requires one or two drops of blood from finger tip. Then after ten to twelve minutes you observe the cholesterol reading same as the thermometer reading.
  • If you have more cholesterol reading, then consult the doctor.
  • If you have total cholesterol level over 200mg/dl then you will have greater risk of heart attack.

In this test they will take sample of blood from your arm or finger. Performing this test involves simple risks.

When you should go for cholesterol test?

  • If you are suffering from heart diseases.
  • If your ancestors have high cholesterol or heart disease.
  • If you have more than thirty five years, then you have to move for cholesterol test. In this age you will suffer with several risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure.
  • If you are a smoker.
  • You have to take cholesterol test if you are taking drugs to reduce cholesterol levels.

You can face following risks due to cholesterol test:

Cholesterol test will cause very little risk when your blood is taken from the vein in the arm. When this test is done on you, you will get a slight risk of infection and skin is broken. You can get bruise when a needle is inserted into your body.

If you have bleeding disorders, then you will suffer from continued and excessive bleeding. You can also feel light headed when sample of blood is taken from your body. For avoiding this light headedness, you should eat or drink anything.

Cholesterol test is the test which is performed without any diagnosis and surgery. By doing cholesterol test you can prevent some risks of cholesterol.