Cholesterol Reduction To Lessen The Risks Of Elevated Cholesterol Levels!

Cholesterol ReductionThe cholesterol reduction is necessary if there are elevated levels of cholesterol in your body.

You can determine your excess cholesterol by following the cholesterol test.

After the cholesterol test is completed, then you have to decide how much amount of cholesterol reduction is required.

Cholesterol is the main source of the cells. But liver itself produces cholesterol required by your cells. So, external source is not required to improve your cholesterol level.

If you have more amount of cholesterol in your body, then you have to suffer from heart problems like heart attack and heart diseases.

Reduction of cholesterol in different ways:

For normal maintenance of membrane integrity, your cells require cholesterol. If the cholesterol is not present in cells then cells will not live. Cholesterol levels are managed by the normal mechanisms of the cells.

When the cholesterol level obtained is too little from the diet you take, then cells stimulate for the production of the cholesterol. In the same way if cholesterol level is excess than required by the cells, then these cells are activated to pump out the cholesterol.

Along with this moderation, the two proteins Niemann-pick type C1 (NPC1) and Niemann-pick type C2 (NPC2) are helpful for moderation of cholesterol.

Even though the cholesterol moderation is not perfect, the risk of heart attacks due to cholesterol is still in persistence. So, by further testing, drugs are invented to moderate the cholesterol level.

Natural cholesterol reduction without any risks:

In your body there will be two types of cholesterol: LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol. You can balance your cholesterol by balancing the required amount of LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol.

You can balance these levels by doing regular exercises. If you do exercises, your HDL cholesterol level is improved in the blood. These exercises also helpful in transporting back the excess cholesterol for removal.

By taking proper diet, you can attain cholesterol reduction. Eating soluble fiber will help you in cholesterol reduction. You can get soluble fiber from the apples, pears, oats and many other natural supplements that will help you in cholesterol reduction.

If you take the soluble fiber then you can slow down your fat absorption. This soluble fiber also helps in removing unabsorbed fats through the intestine to the outside of your body.

Perform more physical activity: You can improve your HDL cholesterol from 3 to 9% by doing aerobic exercises (brisk walking, swimming and cycling).

You can manage your cholesterol level by eating nuts and foods which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Another reason which is responsible for cholesterol production is stress.

By eliminating stress, you can manage cholesterol level as stress stimulates for higher production and higher levels of cholesterol in the blood stream.

The important things which will help you in natural cholesterol reduction are by lowering stress levels, by increasing the exercises and by taking high soluble fiber. For preventing yourself from risks of cholesterol, you should monitor yourself regularly.