Learn To Identify The Signs And Symptoms Of High Cholesterol

Know your Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol is basically a type of fat, or lipids as we know them, present in the blood itself. The “high cholesterol” content in certain foods and those attained by artificial means makes the body cholesterol rise above normal, and we face certain health problems. This abnormal increase in the cholesterol levels often lead to atherosclerosis – a problem wherein arteries get hardened, which in turn lead to cardiac arrests, stroke, and such other terminal heart problems.

signs and symptoms of high cholestrol

Hence, it is important for all of us to be aware of the following basic facts regarding cholesterol:

  • High cholesterol is said to have occurred in conditions wherein the count is 240 or above.
  • The cholesterol level is said to be just on the edge or “borderline” when the count is between 200 and 239.
  • The best and ideal condition is when your cholesterol count is just 200. So, try achieving this perfect figure to keep yourself healthiest.

Signs and Symptoms of High Cholesterol

As found by scientific reports and medical studies, high cholesterol levels or “hypercholesterolemia” does not really occur accompanied with distinct signs and symptoms. Those symptoms may be due to some other disease as well; however, if you have encountered such problems at all, do not overlook them as possible signs of increasing cholesterol levels. Some of such signs and symptoms include:

  • Obesity – Gain in weight is mostly the root cause to most of the health problems, and rising cholesterol levels are no exception to this. Thus weight gain is one of the symptoms of high cholesterol levels.
  • One may experience pain in the chest, breathing difficulties, and such other respiratory organ disorders or problems as part of the effects of high cholesterol.
  • Vomiting tendency, nauseous feelings, digestion problems, dizziness, and weakness are often reported to have been caused to patients suffering from high cholesterol levels.
  • Often rise in the cholesterol content of the body may cause joint and back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, discomfort in body parts, jaw, etc.

It is thus very important to have a thorough checkup of your cholesterol levels at regular intervals, and keep a tab on the figures that suggest the content in your body. You should not ignore even the slightest hint of high cholesterol or possibilities of such a problem as it can further lead to major health issues.