Effects of Alcohol on Cholesterol Levels

People who have high cholesterol often face a concern about alcohol consumption affecting their cholesterol level. Does it have harmful effects on the level? Should you quit drinking once you are diagnosed with high cholesterol? All these questions bother many people. Thus, for their convenience, here is a discussion on the effects of alcohol on cholesterol level, and if drinking alcohol is harmful to your cholesterol or not. Some important information on the subject at hand are provided below.

effects of alcohol on cholesterol levels

Is Drinking Alcohol Harmful when you have High Cholesterol?

If diagnosed with high cholesterol, should one give up drinking altogether? Or is moderate drinking good for the condition? Here are some relevant facts.

  • The good news is if you drink in a moderate quantity then it is fine. The phrase ‘moderate quantity’ means, one drink for women per day and about two for men per day. But if you are over 65 years, your drink per day should be limited to one, irrespective of your gender.
  • American Heart Association had conducted a research in the year 2000, which revealed that when moderate amount of alcohol is given to those known as heavy drinkers, their good cholesterol level dipped to an extent. However, when others were given the same amount of drink, their good cholesterol level rose further. It is also found that those who drink in moderate amount have lower levels of bad cholesterol.
  • On the other hand, drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis, can lead to a lot of disorders related to heart. It could lead to stroke, disease of heart muscle etc. Thus, American Heart Association is of the opinion that you must not start drinking to lower your cholesterol level, because it can very well back fire. Also, heavy drinking can lead to a condition where the heart is unable to pump blood anymore.
  • However, if you drink red wine, again in a moderate portion, your heart is known to stay healthier. This is so due to the presence of tannin in red wine, which have anti oxidant properties, and thus good for heart health.

Thus according to the research conducted so far it can be said that moderate drinking can led to the rise of good cholesterol, and if you are a wine drinker, it can lead to decrease of bad cholesterol. However, too much drinking is actually harmful for your health.