What Is Hyperlipidemia And How Might It Affect Me?

Cholesterol dietIf you are currently trying to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle you may be already aware of a condition called Hyperlipidemia.

Even if you aren’t currently looking to improve your lifestyle you should know there is another benefit to bettering your diet and lifestyle and that is to decrease your chances of getting Hyperlipidemia.

What is Hyperlipidemia? Hyperlipidemia is essentially high cholesterol. Now, more medically and specifically, Hyperlipidemia is when the lipids in the bloodstream are elevated.

And lipids can consist of triglycerides, cholesterol, cholesterol esters and phospholipids. As you can see, eating healthy and even dieting is more than good for just your figure.

Eating well can also lower your high cholesterol levels. A result of Hyperlipidemia can be pancreatitis as well so by improving your diet and starting on a weight loss program, you can even decrease your chances of getting pancreatitis due to Hyperlipidemia.

So, what foods are high in cholesterol and what foods are low in cholesterol? First, let’s start with the positive and that would be all the foods that can actually help you to lower your cholesterol.

  1. Oatmeal and oat bran are both low density lipoprotein foods as well as being high in soluble fiber. Additional foods that are high in fiber and therefore good for you are prunes, barley, pears, psyllium, apples and kidney beans.
  2. Walnuts and almonds are also very good foods for lowering your cholesterol. Nuts are higher in fat and calories than many other foods so you will want to watch your intake somewhat and not go crazy and binge with the walnuts and almonds. Walnuts have also reportedly been linked to lowering and reducing high cholesterol.
  3. We’ve always known that fish and omega-3 fatty acids are the perfect food. For one reason, fish and omega-3 fatty acids are the perfect food because they help the heart reduce blood pressure and reduce the levels of cholesterol.

Foods that are high in cholesterol in order of their severity in levels of high cholesterol are:

  1. Beef
  2. Veal
  3. Pork
  4. Lamb
  5. Egg
  6. Fish oil
  7. Chicken
  8. Duck
  9. Goose
  10. McDonald’s

The preparation of the foods also determines how high in cholesterol the foods are. For example, beef that is cooked or simmered is higher in cholesterol than beef that is pan fried. And veal that is raw is higher in cholesterol than lamb that is raw.