The Pros and Cons of a Low Cholesterol Diet

High cholesterol level can be quite dangerous for all. Storage of cholesterol in the human body might lead to choking of arteries that pump blood to the heart, and thus leading to heart attacks and other related problems. Dieticians lay out plans with low cholesterol diet, but are low cholesterol diet really beneficial for your body? Let us see if and how they may be beneficial or harmful for you –

pros and cons of low cholesterol diet

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Low Cholesterol Diet

It is a commonly known fact that excess cholesterols is not very good for health. You must also be aware of the fact that there are basically two types of cholesterol, good and bad, one that harms the system and another that protects it. Therefore, low cholesterol diet is not always great for you. Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of the same.


Improves Cardiovascular Health

Low cholesterol diet is extremely beneficial for your arteries and heart. This means that you will have lower chance of a heart attack.  If you want to lower your cholesterol then it’s time to reduce the intake of items high in cholesterol and increase those are low in it.


Increases the Chances of Cancer

However, on the other hand there are certain disadvantages of the diet as well. It has been argued, for example that cholesterol in your body helps to reduce the chances of cancer. In the late 1980s this inverse relationship between cholesterol and cancer has been proved. Even the so called bad cholesterol is proved to be an element that lessens the chances of cancer in humans. Therefore, low cholesterol diet will ensure that your cancer prevention properties are low.

Enhances the Chances of Stroke

Another problem of the low cholesterol diet is that it only reduces the chances of an Ischemic stroke and not a Hemorrhagic stroke. The first type occurs when there is less blood flow and lesser supply of oxygen to the brain. The chance to this attack is reduced by lowering the cholesterol level. On the other hand, low cholesterol diet implies an increased chance of the second type of stroke which is linked with the breakage of a blood vessel in the brain, and the bleeding thereafter.

Better Lifestyle

There are certain other benefits of cholesterol too, like increased longevity and sharper memory, which is hindered by the low cholesterol diet

Hence it is important to maintain a balance of all needed nutrients in your diet.