Top 6 Diet Tips to Lower Triglyceride Levels

Generally people do not concern a lot about high triglyceride level, but it is actually as unhealthy for your heart as a high cholesterol level. It can increase the risk of a heart attack or a stroke too. Thus it is important that you remain careful to keep the levels of triglyceride low and for this a balanced diet with lower triglyceride is important. So what are the food items which you should eat and which ones you should avoid? Here is a brief list.

diet tips to lower triglyceride levels

Some Diet Tips to Lower the Triglyceride Level

Ideally the triglyceride level should remain below 150 mg/ dl. In order to keep it under control you must concentrate on a proper diet plan and take up exercises. Here are some foods you must avoid in order to keep the triglyceride level low.

  • There are some vegetables which are starchy in nature, like peas and corns. When you limit their consumption it will be easier to keep the triglyceride level down. Instead you can have mushrooms, cauliflowers, etc to choose from.
  • Stay away from saturated fat and trans fat in order to keep the level of triglyceride low. This means you should avoid too much fried food, commercially baked food, meat with fat etc. Instead lay stress on good fat.
  • It is generally known that fruits are among healthier food items. However, when someone has high triglyceride, it is better for them to have fruits in a small quantity. Better to restrict yourself to 2 to 3 pieces of a large fruit per day.
  • If you have higher or marginally high level of triglyceride, it is imperative that you drink alcohol in a moderate quantity. There is an amount of sugar which is a natural part of alcohol, and thus, consuming too much alcohol can lead to a rise in the triglyceride level in body.
  • Even though coconut is a fruit with some health benefits, you need to keep in mind that it is also high in saturated fat. And if you have high triglyceride, you must cut the consumption of the saturated fat.
  • Butter or margarine could be unsuitable for you if you wish to cut down the triglyceride level in your body. Replace them with olive oil as a cooking medium.

Thus, if you want to consume a heart healthy diet, it is important you choose a meal that helps to reduce the triglyceride level.