Why Serotonin Makes You Eat Unhealthy Foods

Although people with weight problems are aware, that too much food rich in sugar will raise their cholesterol and can be seriously damaging to the coronary arteries, the compulsion to eat is greater than the concern for their health.

This need to eat is indirectly related to a feeling of depression and the desire to feel cheerful once more.

It has been proven that bread, sweets and cakes amongst other food types will rapidly raise the level of serotonin, a substance or antidepressant neurotransmitter that diffuses a sensation of satisfaction to the brain. This is why; depressed or anxious people will turn to this type of food rather than a healthier kind.

The idiosyncrasy is once these people have satisfied their need for chocolate or other food rich in sugar and have reached a level of contentment, due to the release of serotonin in the brain, they do not understand why they craved this food in the first place.

The production of serotonin by a particular gland in the brain, is more active during the darker hours of the day, this is why first thing in the morning we do not feel a particular urge to eat chocolate or other similar food.

On the other hand as the afternoon approaches and the serotonin level falls so does our mood, leaving us in a state of anxiety and depression.

This is why when you wake up in the morning you are pretty sure you will not give into the temptation of fattening food. This is in fact a mistake, for by the afternoon your level of serotonin will be low again and the need to compensate high.

It is therefore important to eat food such as bread, rice, pasta, in reasonable amounts during the day in order to keep the serotonin level high and avoid bad eating habits.

It is also true that the more you avoid eating these food types for fear of putting on weight the lower the serotonin level will get, hence the depressive mood will progressively worsen. This will finally lead to the desire of chocolate or other food rich in sugar even when you are not actually anywhere near it.

So it is imperative when on a diet to equally balance the intake of food that keeps the level of serotonin high.