What Is “Conditioned Hypereating”?

hyper eatingThe question that has faced so many of us, as we try and eat healthy, as we try and lose weight by cutting down on the fat and the sugar laden processed foods around us, is – Why do we crave unhealthy food?

Why does all the stuff that is packed with fat, and sugar, things that we know at a conscious level are harmful for us, look so appetizing to us?

According to Dr David Aaron Kessler, pediatrician, lawyer, author, administrator and former FDA Commissioner, the food industry is responsible for this conditioning that makes us reach for the high fat, sugar laden items in favor of eschewing healthier alternatives.

He calls this Conditioned Hyper eating that saps our will power and makes it harder for us to resist bad foods. It is this conditioned hypereating, according to Dr. Kessler, that is at least partly responsible for the obesity epidemic in the US.

According to Dr. Kessler, the manufacturers have figured it out – they condition the consumer to view food a certain way.

They layer and load food with combinations of salt, sugar and fat – they even process the food to a point where very little effort in terms of chewing even is required – and this is what drives people to eat; to continue eating even what they are aware it is not good for them and their health.