Using A Small Plate And Slow Eating For Dieting Success

healthy eatingThere are many things to try in helping with weight loss and some seem so straightforward and obvious, that you will wonder why you didn’t think of them yourself. See if any work in making dieting any easier. [Dieting Tips]

Eat from a smaller plate because often it is the visual effect of what we see that makes a difference.

Weighing ingredients is far too much like hard work so we lead our eyes gauge our portion sizes.

If you try cutting down what you serve on a large plate it will look half empty and afterward you will feel that you have not had enough.

If you change to a smaller plate it will seem full but ultimately there is a lot less calories to be eaten, after a while your stomach will adjust and you will be cutting down the size of your meals.

Avoid serving meals from large dishes on the table, it is far too easy to keep piling things on the plate and before you realize it you have over indulged.

Many people get onto the habit of eating too quickly not giving their stomachs enough time to digest food between mouthfuls.

Slow down the pace at which you eat, savor every mouthful and think about the taste and texture as it is being chewed. You will start to actually recognize when you are feeling full and as a consequence eat a lot less.

Sitting in front of the television eating any meal is one of very bad eating habits to get into, the food is the secondary activity and as a result you will just overindulge and binge without even realizing that you have. TV dinners are only ever good for an occasional treat not a regular way of eating.

Many different drinks contain hidden calories that you need to make yourself aware of so take the time to read the label. Sodas especially are no different from a candy bar in terms of sugar content.

Too much snacking can be a dieter’s downfall, especially early on when our stomach is still adjusting to a lower food intake.

If you are really struggling to work through them, a short term answer is to have a supply of healthier snacks that you can eat. But don’t let it become a habit which will become very hard to break.

If you do a lot of socializing that involves going to restaurants remember that most meals served are usually much richer, because they have a higher fat content than home-cooked food.

Instead of having all three courses miss one of them out, eat steaks plain to avoid the fattening sauces and don’t forget the calories that are in the different alcohols that you drink.