Understanding Weight Gain Caused By Depression

Anyone can have episodes of depression at some or other stage of their life.

Depression is one of the toughest mental disorders to handle in your everyday life.

Weight gain is one of the most probable side-effects of depression and great care should be taken to stop this unwanted accumulation of body pounds.

The key to solving the problem of weight gain caused by depression is understanding the reason behind it.

How depression can cause weight gain?

Serotonin is the chemical produced in the brain that is responsible for giving you feelings of sadness and happiness and also stress. Whenever you feel depressed or going through long periods of feeling down, the levels of serotonin are increased.

As a result you’ll find yourself craving on unhealthy or extreme levels of carbohydrates. When you start craving for food when feeling depressed and eat extreme levels of carbohydrates, you’ll obviously put on weight and suffer from weight gain.

How to stop weight gain?

The best way to solve your weight gain caused due to depression is to stay away from food when feeling depressed and also try to avoid life circumstances that can trigger depression.

If you are unable to stop craving for food during depressed phases of life, prefer eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts, etc.