Trans-Fat: Most Dangerous Fat For Your Health!

When it comes to fat and its effect on your health, tans-fat is considered as one of the worst of all kinds of fat. This is because of its bad impact on your body cholesterol levels.

Trans-fat is mainly produced when hydrogen is added to your vegetable oil or simply hydrogenation of vegetable oils produces trans-fat.

This hydrogenation of oils doesn’t change the flavor of your favorite foods such as potato chips, dough nuts or candy bar. Trans-fat is mainly included in various cookies, snack foods, margarines and also in various other foods.

How trans-fat affects your health?

Trans-fat significantly raises your body’s bad cholesterol levels (low density lipoprotein cholesterol, commonly LDL cholesterol) and mainly lowers good cholesterol levels (high density lipoprotein cholesterol, commonly HDL cholesterol).

When you have high LDL levels along with lower levels of HDL, then it will certainly increase your risk of heart diseases and leads you to death. So, it is very essential for you to know more about trans-fat and how to avoid them to prevent various health complications in your life.

Which foods mainly include trans-fat?

Here is the top list of foods that are majorly prepared with trans-fat.  Be aware with these foods and try to avoid them as much as possible.

  1. Packaged foods: Certain instant cake mixes, bisquick’s or other instant made foods mainly contains trans-fat. Avoid these kinds of packaged foods and do-it-yourself or self made baking or cooking. This can help you to reduce fat in your food.
  2. Fast foods: Most commonly fried foods and at times, food chains that use liquid oil to prepare foods spray trans-fat on their food products during manufacturing process. Stay away from fast foods or at least fried foods.
  3. Candies and cookies: Lots of trans-fat is mainly found in these kinds of food types. Instead of chocolates or other high-fat items, satisfy your sweet cravings with other alternatives like jelly beans or hard candies, which don’t have any fat.
  4. Frozen food: From frozen dinners to frozen chicken or breaded chicken, certainly trans-fat is included in it. Check the labels, before you purchase foods. Even if they mention low-fat, it can still have certain amounts of trans-fat. Prefer those foods which have lowest grams of fat in them.
  5. Toppings: Certain toppings like salad dressings, whipped toppings, mayonnaise; non-dairy creamers have some amounts of trans-fat in them. Use any other alternatives other than these food products. For example, instead of creamy salad dressings, you can add oil and vinegar or low fat milk for your salad topping.

Even, chips, certain baked foods, soups, margarine add trans-fat in their preparation. If you are really concerned about your health, it is very essential for you to avoid foods that are made with trans-fat.