The Truth Behind 10 Diet Myths

True or false: You’ll get fat if you eat at night, high fructose corn syrup makes you gain weight, and caffeine is bad for you.

Those are all diet myths that got busted in Chicago at the American Dietetic Association’s annual meeting.

Here are 10 diet myths:

Myth: Eating at night makes you fat.

Reality: Calories count, whenever you eat them.

There’s no proof for this myth. Some small studies with mixed results, tests on animals, and a belief that because eating breakfast is linked to lower BMI, eating at night isn’t as good. But all in all, it’s your calorie total that matters, day or night.

Myth: Avoid foods with a high glycemic index.

Reality: You could use the glycemic index to adjust your food choices, but don’t make it your sole strategy for losing weight or controlling blood sugar.

For those people that are already counting carbs, this can be a way for them to fine-tune their food choices, but it isn’t the be-all, end-all for weight loss.

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