Staying Away From Food Addiction

food addictionWhat are the different types of addictions that you can list?

Majorly alcohol, smoking, drugs, tea, coffee. But have you heard of food addiction. Yes it is true, people also get addicted to food.

In food addiction a person feels like eating a peculiar food when bored, depressed, nervous. He may also hide food and may get angry if someone else eats the hidden food.

Food addiction is a serious disorder and needs treatment. The person goes to an extent of eating lots of food and then vomiting it out.

If you think any of the above symptoms resembles you then try out the following tips to stay away from it.

  • Do you feel lonely: Generally people who are lonely, unloved or depressed are addicted to comfort food as food gives a temporary relief and feeling of joy. So figure out if you have unsolved issues in life and find a solution to them. Regular exercise also may help. Exercising increases the level of hormones that makes you feel good and happy.
  • Don’t follow fad diets: Generally people keep trying fad diets for losing weight quickly during which they restrict certain foods out of their diet. They keep changing to different fad diets to try which one is working. While doing this they create an unbalance of certain nutrients in their body leading to food cravings and addiction to the peculiar food which provides the specific nutrients in which their body is deficient.
  • Read the food label: You may be consuming certain foods which have been enriched with flavors, emulsifiers, taste enhancers that unknowingly leads you to food addiction and you may be addicted to that peculiar food.
  • Don’t set unrealistic expectations in life: You may be feeling frustrated when you are not able to meet the expectations that you are setting for yourself and may be you are finding food as a resort to take it out. So don’t set unrealistic goals and expectations it may lead you to further problems.
  • Don’t be guilty about eating: You may be feeling guilty about eating, and this kind of guilt leads you to a vicious circle of eating and feeling guilt. So don’t feel guilty, enjoy your food and relax. Keep yourself active and see to it that you are burning more than you are consuming. So keep that guilt out.
  • Accept that you are addicted: Acceptance is the biggest step in getting away from addiction. Once you have accepted the fact that you are addicted to food, then find out which food are you addicted to.
  • Stay away from the food: Stay away from the food you are addicted to and rather try eating different foods that is high in fiber when you feel like eating the specific food. The more days you go without it, the lesser you would be addicted to it.
  • Discover food as a fuel: Redefine the way you look at food. Understand its need. It is just a fuel that your body needs not a medicine out of any problem.
  • Don’t eat for wrong reasons: You always crave for foods like ice-cream, French fries, chocolates etc. Why does this happen? That is because your body is just doing it out of habit. Always ask yourself what is the need for these foods when you have a craving and then if still you feel like eating just have it in moderation to keep yourself happy.