Overeating Causes “Vicious Cycle” Leading To Obesity

A recently-conducted study revealed that overeating causes the brain to go haywire. Eating like a swine will trigger a vicious cycle and you will want to eat more.

Overeating also surely cause a cascade of damage to your organism and create the conditions to develop illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and other.

The first and most important effect that overeating has is that it activates a dormant immune system pathway in the brain.

1Your organism will become very confused and won’t fight the incoming illnesses as it should, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found.

The findings of their study may help health experts explain clearer why obesity causes a series of so many other diseases.

Dongsheng Cai, one of the researchers, said that overeating activates a dormant immune system pathway in the brain which sends immune cells to annihilate invaders that are not present in the human body at that time.

“We discovered a very general disease pathway in the hypothalamus, a structure in the middle part of the brain which functions to regulate appetite, feeding behavior, energy and therefore body-weight balance and metabolic processes,” Cai said.

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