Marriage More Likely To Cause Obesity, Says Survey

In an announcement made last week in Athens by Dimitris Kiortsis, president of the Hellenic Medical Association for Obesity; apparently one’s chances of becoming obese after marriage were higher.

obese coupleThere may be several reasons for the fact that married people are more likely to be overweight than their single counterparts:

  • One reason why people put on weight after marriage is, that leading up to the marriage, they were probably doing their best to get into shape to fit into the wedding outfit or to look their best on their special day. They let themselves go a bit after the special day is past.
  • The old adage that the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through the stomach; all the effort made in the kitchen to please the mate.
  • Married couples probably spend more time watching TV eating large meals than do single people.
  • Over time they probably do not have as much sex as they used to, so fewer calories burnt there.
  • Though it may sound contradictory there is perhaps less motivation to be fit and toned and good looking for your mate if you have already landed them so to speak.
  • Couples seem to put on weight almost in empathy with one another. There is a reason why married couples start to resemble one another after a while; they put on weight together too!

Source: dailymail