Jamie Oliver’s Anti Obesity Movement Wins TED Prize

jamie oliverThis is a fun, non-didactic and easily accessible philosophy of healthy eating that one may wish for; and it is in the shape of the ‘Naked Chef’ Jamie Oliver, internationally known chef and food educationist.

Now his efforts to put cooking and healthy eating at the center of people’s personal as well as the national agenda has earned him the TED (Technology Entertainment, Design Conference) Prize.

The TED lectures at their annual conference consist of their slogan, Ideas worth spreading and it would seem that Oliver’s ideas are well worth spreading. It is the wish of the motivating chef to get people’s help to “create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.” He was quoted as having said this at the prize giving ceremony.

The prize of $ 100,000 has been awarded to Jamie Oliver, since as TED curator Chris Anderson put it, “…the issue of obesity, both in the US and worldwide, is a very big deal. We were interested in finding an inspirational figure who could address that.” Oliver, with his out of the box suggestions and ideas was obviously inspirational enough!

The ideas sought to be put out there by Oliver are fairly simple to implement. He wants food education to be part of school curriculum. He wants families to start cooking again, in a way that is good for health and is palatable at the same time.

When people know how to cook, he is also confident that they will be able to make healthy and sensible choices when out shopping for food. He is not about giving up the burgers and the chips altogether; but he is about having them occasionally and about substituting them with healthier choices for the most part.