Identify The Most Common Triggers Of Overeating!

overeatingDo you feel that you consume more food other than your diet plan? You may feel hungry, when you are actually not and tend to eat more food than your actual diet plan.

This is the main reason behind your overeating behavior.

Most of you tend to overeat because of various reasons. It can be your stress, irritation or frustration making you to consume more food.

The potential triggers of overeating can mainly include emotional patterns such as eating when you are upset and various situational and social patterns like eating out at restaurants frequently.

So, identifying the triggers of your overeating behavior can be helpful for you to avoid various eating disorders associated with overeating behavior.

Most common triggers of overeating!

Feeling overwhelmed!

If you feel that you have got so much to do, which is quite difficult for you to initiate, it can certainly raise your food cravings. Pressure at your job and deadlines can leave you with discouragement and finally you’ll drop-out without giving a try at least.

So, in such sort of situations, you feel to eat more. This type of eating tendency is mainly referred as emotional eating and at times considered as normal behavior of every human.

Lack of sleep!

Lack of enough sleep significantly changes your body metabolism process and also alters the blood sugar levels in your body. It also affects your impulse control. So, due to these certain changes in your body, even though you know that you shouldn’t eat more, you will tend to eat more than actually required for your body.


Eating when you are feeling stressed out is not just an emotional trigger, but there is a strong biological reason behind it. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is majorly released by your body whenever you are stressed. Because of cortisol secretion, the blood sugar levels in your body tend to increase. As a result, you will consume more food.


You will tend to eat more when you are bored or when you find nothing interesting to do. So, try to be aware of it! For most of you, TV is the favorite pass-time, particularly when you are alone at home and also when you feel bored.

So, when your favorite food commercials are running 150 images per hour in your cerebral cortex, it can become difficult for you to draw yourself from refrigerator or kitchen. If you really feel food commercials as a trigger for your overeating behavior, try to watch nature shows or commercial free programs.

Unhealthy eating habits!

If you have unhealthy eating habits like skipping meals and starving, certainly they will trigger overeating behavior in you. More often, excessive eating and lack of physical activity for your body can certainly make your healthy life unbalanced.

Many of you have certainly found that your overeating tendency mainly arises in particular places and time, such as in the evening when you are at home.

So, try to know how to develop healthy eating habits. Take necessary suggestions from any experienced dietician and stay away from overeating and its associated health disorders.