How To Choose Healthy Foods While Planning For A Party And While Attending A Party?

healthy party foodMost of us immensely love partying with our friends and relatives. Spending wonderful time with your friends and family members can give you lots of pleasure and happiness.

It can really help you to shed your stress of balancing both work and family together.

But, for many people, who are exceptionally trying to live with better health, exploring tasty healthy food can become a great challenge.

You might have determined or resolved yourself to lose certain extra pounds or perhaps you have decided to enjoy healthy food.

No matter whatever may be the reason for you to prefer healthy and nutritional food, it is quite easy to cut down your party food menu without sacrificing the taste and fun involved in it.

Planning for a healthy party food!

If you want to make your party unforgettable with healthier yet tasty food, then here are certain tips, which can help you greatly in preparing healthy food for your party.

  • Always prefer low fat creamy dressings or dips by merely using low-fat or fat free yogurt, instead of using sour cream or mayonnaise. Try to offer hummus as a low fat spread for vegetables and crackers [Benefits of Vegetarian foods].
  • Try to include lots of vegetables and fruits and also low-fat whole grain breads and crackers for dipping.
  • In order to get a better nutrition and protein punch, include sliced almonds, crab and mango salad and even deviled eggs [Nutrition guide].
  • Never try to bury better foods by adding extra fat and sugar to them. For instance, sweet potatoes are naturally sweet and don’t need any extra sugar added to it. So, try to bake them well, make them into slices and try to sprinkle some cinnamon powder to add flavor to it.
  • Try to offer alcohol free drinks, which can be very healthy for you and also for your guests. Spritzers, which are specially made with sparkling water and Virgin Caesars, contain alcoholic calories. So, instead of serving these drinks, try to prefer 100% pure juices, which are very healthy for your guests and also for you too.

Choosing a better health food when you are attending a party!

  • Never attend any parties with much hunger. Everything can appear much delicious and healthy for you when you are starving. Hunger can become a great problem for you to choose better healthy food. So, try to have some soup or a handful of almonds and some water in order to take off the edge of your hunger before attending a party.
  • Try to fill almost 3/4th of your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables and then try to choose other healthy food items [Fruit and vegetable diet].
  • Try to limit yourself to serve only once and if you feel still hungry, then try to choose only healthy items.
  • Try to minimize your alcohol consumption and enjoy the desserts only in small portions in order to cut down all those extra calories.

If you are really concerned about your diet and want to reduce your intake of calories, try to follow these tips while partying and get a better health with appropriate weight.