High Starch Foods Are Not Fattening

starch foodsMany amongst us have the preconception that starchy foods are fattening, though this is in fact not true.

Those foods that are truly fattening are foods high in fat and oil; the condiments and oils we use for cooking are responsible for most of the weight problems.

Foods with starch are essential for a well balanced diet; these food types include, cereals, breads, rice, potatoes and pasta, the healthier ones being amongst the wholegrain variety, which are an important source of fibre, iron, calcium and vitamin B.

Starch provides the necessary energy for our bodies to be able to perform the various daily activities; it is necessary to include at least one kind of starch in each of our meals.

You can start breakfast with cereal or wholegrain bread, which will provide you with a start rich in fiber and energy, these food types are also digested slowly by our system, leaving us replenished for longer.

At lunch you can add wholemeal or wholegrain bread, while preparing a sandwich, for instance, and in the evening try to include rice, pasta or potatoes.

For a healthy balanced diet you will need to include vegetables and fruit, for you can never get enough of those, ideally you should be consuming a minimum of five different types of vegetables and fruits per day.

You can choose amongst fresh, frozen, dried or canned food, or even include juices as a supplement to your fruit and vegetables.