What Food Gets You A Tight Tummy?

fruit juiceThey say that the soul is the reflection of oneself. This is very true. They also say that the beauty is not important and the personality is. This is also true. But what about the body line that makes the society judge us? Very wrong, very unpleasant, but also very true.

Whether it is said that beauty is nothing compared to personality, every person would like to see their reflection as shiny as a star through the mirror. But, what should be done in order to get a tight tummy?

First, it is important to change the eating habits. Feeding the body with veggies and fruits is important. Avoiding shock diets and eating less would help fasten the metabolism. Vegetables and fruits contain fibers and water so that the body feel lighter thus exercising would be easier.

In addition, meat is needed for the metabolism to gain the proper energy wasted during daily work and exercises. Light white meat should be preferred with a large pot of salad and fruit juice.

It is important to be sure that carbohydrates and proteins should not be eaten together. Eating meat with salad or eating carbohydrates and salad is preferred.

Other than meals, seeds like sunflower and pumpkin can be eaten throughout the day as break meals. You can also eat nuts, walnuts, almonds, etc. These food items contain antioxidants that make the body healthier and help the excessive fat disappear.

Also other than fruit juice, green tea and lots of glasses of water, 2 glasses of wine for women and 1 glass of wine for men can be preferred for a stronger heart and indirectly a tighter tummy.