Top 5 Most Favorite Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

Whoever says making kids eat healthy snacks is difficult is obviously mistaken. You can make your little ones love nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables at their young age by simply using your creativity in the kitchen.

You can start introducing to them a healthy and balanced diet through preparing snacks that are not only yummy but also nutritious. There are many healthy snack ideas for kids which you can apply in your kitchen.

Children look forward to snack time. They can’t wait to sink their teeth into their favorite snacks like chips, cookies, soda, and candies.

However, we all know that these foods are not good for their health.

If you’re worried about your kids’ wellness, you have to make use of healthy snack ideas for kids.

Though they may be reluctant to taste your healthy snack preparations in the beginning, later on they’ll get used to it and even thank you for helping them stay fit and strong.

You don’t need to be an expert nutritionist or dietician to know healthy snack ideas for kids. You can simply write down all the healthy foods and drinks you know of and check which ones your kids love or will possibly like.

Once you are able to identify them, it’s up to you to think of creative ways to integrate them into their diet. Below are some of the most favorite healthy snack ideas for kids which you can try:

1. Fruit shakes

    Fruit shakes are very popular among kids. Moms usually prepare them for snack time. You can also make fruit shakes by blending your child’s favorite fruit with crushed ice, milk, and sugar. You can also add fruit bits to make it chunky and tastier.

    2. Salad bowl

      Combine their favorite fruits and slice them into chunks. Add cream and milk to make the salad yummier. You can also prepare a garden salad of fresh vegetables or coleslaw. You can use a cookie cutter to make interesting shapes.

      3. Nutritious cookies

        Children love cookies and baking those nutritious cookies should be a part of your healthy snack ideas for kids. Instead of the regular chocolate chip cookies, you can have oatmeal or raisin cookies which contain a lot of fiber.

        4. Go whole grain

          Make your sandwiches more nutritious by using whole grain bread instead of your regular bread. It contains fiber which can eliminate harmful toxins and free radicals from the body. You can still use peanut butter and your kid’s favorite fruit jam as a spread.

          5. Homemade pizza

            Don’t rely on fast food when you want to serve snacks to your kids. Instead, prepare them their favorite pizza right at home. Healthy snack ideas for kids like making your own homemade pizzas are fun to do with your little ones.

            You can buy a pizza crust and ready made sauce but when it comes to the toppings, the sky is the limit. You can have fruits slices like chunks of pineapples or slices of tomatoes. You can also have bell peppers, olives, and many more.