Lose Weight With These Simple Lifestyle Changes

While nothing beats an all-around exercise program and a sensible diet, there are a variety of little things you can do to help yourself along the route toward losing weight.

Did you know that if you chew sugar-free gum several hours a day by the end of month you could lose up to three or four extra pounds?

Here are a few ideas for very simple, even no-brainer, steps that you can take to maybe toss out another five to ten pounds a month.

Shop on a full stomach: Never go to grocery store on an empty stomach. That is such a no-brainer that you already know it, but you don’t follow it.

And you should because studies have proven that going to the grocery store on a empty stomach not only means bringing home more fatty food than you would have gotten if you had shopped right after eating, but you will also spend more money.

In fact, some studies have indicated that those who do their grocery shopping on an empty stomach can expect to spend up to 30% more than they would have if they’d gone shopping on a full stomach.

Toss that remote control: Dump the remote control and get up off the couch when you need to change the channel.

Twenty or thirty years ago this would not have added up to more than a pound or two a year, but with the state of TV today you can probably expect to lose an extra pound a week just by walking back and forth between your couch and TV. If you only have basic cable, you may be able to lose two or three pounds a week.

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