It Is Not A Good Idea To Cut Out Calcium When Dieting

healthy dietCalcium is recognized as being essential for healthy bones, which is vital to avoid symptoms of osteoporosis and is becoming more prevalent in older women.

It is vital that any weight loss program undertaken should have a sufficient intake of it.

Good sources of calcium include milk and cheese, broccoli and other dark leaved vegetables, dried figs, edible fish bones found in cans of salmon, dried pods and baked beans. It turns out that it has been proved that calcium can help to burn off more fat.

Californian researchers have discovered that calories gained from food with a higher content of calcium, will mean that less body fat is stored. While looking at the patterns of eating, for women in the eighteen to fifty age group, the team from the Agricultural Research Services (ARS) found that regular dieters had a much lower bone density than those that simply ate a healthy balanced diet.

The presence of calcium seems to make weight loss more efficient and the researchers’ findings show that those with a lower intake of calcium basically had a larger percentage of fat stored, opposed to women who got more calcium from their food who were found to be lighter.

The more successful way of keeping the body’s bones healthy and strong is to take regular exercise and eat a well balanced healthy diet that includes plenty of good sources of calcium. As well as being great for bones, calcium will help to maintain teeth.

In recent years other data has been found to support the notion that younger children and adults can benefit from increasing their intake of calcium in regard to blocking the amount of body fat stored. However, the latest findings now confirm that the same goes for teenage girls and adolescents.

Not only does the calcium stop weight gain, it actually decreases the amount of excess fat that the body stores. It also only take a small increase of just two extra portions of dairy in a day to make a massive seventy percent drop in the amount of body fat stored. Dairy calcium seems to be more efficient than other forms.

A whey protein that is derived from cow’s milk contains a substance called glycomacropeptides which has been proven to induce fullness and make people feel more satisfied in terms of eating.

Obviously dairy products can be very high in fat so you need to look for skimmed milk, yogurt and products like cottage cheese and still avoid full fat cream and milk.

Otherwise your level of body fat will be bound to increase. Look to consume levels of about twelve hundred milligrams per day which is only 1.2 grams.