Is Stress Making You To Put On More Weight?

weight gainDid you ever feel that stress is making you fat? Weight gain under stress is partly due to hormonal imbalances that can significantly make you to put on some weight.

When you frequently experience stress in your life, it can be quite difficult for you to maintain healthy eating habits.

Whether you are eating to fill your emotional needs or snack fast food as you find no time to prepare something healthy, it is believed that a stressed-out lifestyle is possibly unhealthy for you.

Cortisol hormone plays a critical role!

Cortisol is the stress hormone, which is responsible for various actions in your body. This stress hormone mainly stimulates your body fat and carbohydrates for metabolism process to release energy quickly.

It also stimulates insulin release and maintenance of appropriate blood sugar levels in your body. As a result of these actions, your appetite levels can increase.

When cortisol is excessively secreted during certain situations of psychological or physical stress, the normal pattern of cortisol function is altered. This excessive secretion of cortisol promotes weight gain.

Certain studies show that stress and elevated levels of cortisol mainly lead to fat deposition, particularly in abdominal areas of your body.

This sort of fat deposition is mainly referred as toxic fat, since this abdominal fat deposition is strongly interlinked with the development of various heart diseases, including strokes and heart attacks.

Various factors that connect stress and weight gain!

  • Emotional eating: Did you ever notice yourself having junk food whenever you feel stressed out? This kind of emotional eating mainly contributes to overeating and accordingly adult obesity. Because of elevated levels of cortisol, it will not only make you to crave on unhealthy foods, but also develops a tendency to overeat than it is normally required.
  • Lack of exercise: Are you too busy to practice exercise? Lack of essential physical activity or regular body workouts can certainly make you to develop various health complications including weight gain. Along with all the demands on your daily schedule, exercise must become one of the most essential things in your to-do list.
  • Fast food: Many experts believe that snacking fast food is one of biggest reasons for obesity these days. Possibly, whenever you feel stressed-out or too busy to make your snacks, you will obviously try to choose fast food to eat. As a result, you can obviously put on more weight.

So, if you succeed to concentrate more on these certain factors of weight gain linked with stress, you can possibly avoid undesirable weight gain and certainly reduce your stress levels at a time.