Exercise Regime – Evening Eating

Getting fit and healthy isn’t just about exercising. What we eat and drink is also vitally important to improve on the functionality of our bodies, with the time of day we ingest certain substances also having an impact. Even things which during the day benefit our workouts can have a detrimental effect too late in the evening.

Whether you want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle or are even looking into personal trainer courses for a potential change of career, take a look at our guide of what not to eat after the 9pm watershed.

Pasta / Pizza

Both of these are high in calories and carbohydrates meaning they’re more suitable to being eaten earlier in the day when your body really needs a higher carb intake. When eating them after nine you’ll be left with excess calories sitting in your stomach with no time to burn them off – the perfect recipe for fat gain. Your workout in the day could be far less productive just due to a simple meal eaten too late.


This is probably a staple of your diet when trying to build lean muscle and promote fast recovery after your workout. However, digesting protein requires much in the way of digestive energy which is likely to keep you awake after a post 9pm meat binge. Don’t cut this out of your healthy lifestyle; just eat it earlier to really get the benefit.


A cold glass of milk before bed may sound like a great way to drop off to sleep. However, this isn’t necessarily the case as the lactose content can cause digestive problems as it stimulates rather than relaxes the system. For a much more relaxing option before bed why not try herbal tea?

Fruit juice

A nice glass of fresh fruit juice. Sounds like a refreshing option before bed doesn’t it? But remember this is something you should always try and steer clear of after 9 as they are acidic and can cause heartburn. Also contained within are sugars and insufficient fibre for measured release. This could potentially result in a crash-spike blood sugar episode.

Late night takeaway

It can happen to all of us, even the healthiest amongst us. After a few drinks at the weekend we get home and decide that the only thing that will satisfy us is a late night takeaway; often a Chinese. But stop. Wait a minute and hold onto your last bit of will power.

Most Chinese takeaways contain MSG – monosodium glutamate – which is a stimulant which affects your body in a similar way to caffeine. Not good before bed.