Boost Your Metabolism With Healthy Diet and Food

Metabolism refers to the process by which your body burns or uses up the calories that you get from the food that you eat. A healthy metabolic rate doesn’t allow calories to be stored in the body as fat and this helps you to lose weight faster as well as keeping the pounds off. Eating foods that are nutritious and boost metabolism provides you the required nutrients, and keeps you healthy.

diet to boost metabolism

The increased metabolism helps in your weight reduction too. Given below are a few foods that will help boost your metabolic rate and are healthy at the same time.

1. Proteins: Food containing proteins like tofu, lean meats, lentils, soy etc should be included in each of your meal. Proteins are more difficult to break down for digestion and hence uses up more calories to digest.

2. Calcium: It is very important to consume calcium through natural products and not as supplements in the form of pills. Calcium is important in the diet as it helps in speeding up basal metabolism. Get your required dosage of calcium from dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese etc.

3. Fibre rich food: Fruits like apples, green beans, fresh vegetables etc. provide you the roughage required in your diet and aids in metabolism.

4. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is rich in fat soluble fibre and helps in the slower breakdown of food by the body. This aids in boosting metabolism as well as maintain insulin levels in the body. Include oats in your breakfast and top it up with some flaxseeds for added benefits.

5. Green Tea: Drinking about 3 to 4 cups of green tea will help increase your metabolic rate. Green tea is also a wonderful antioxidant, boosts your mood and aids in many more health disorders.

6. Apples: Apples if consumed in the morning hours helps to improve metabolism. It is furthermore made effective by consuming along with yoghurt.

7. Broccoli:-Good metabolism traits are linked with the absorption of calcium in body. Broccoli is a rich source of calcium as well as it is packed with Vitamin C that aids to absorb calcium. Not only this, broccoli also has vitamin A and folate. All these boost metabolism.

Last but not the least, drink minimum 6-8 glasses of water everyday that will help you to wash out the toxins and will regulate the metabolism of your body.

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