Can’t Pass On The Salt? It Could Be Genetic

We all probably know by now that salt is bad for weight management and could cause not only water retention but also a host of other health problems. If you crave salt and are unable to reduce its intake, there could be a genetic angle at play here.

According to recent research, ‘Supertasters’ are those individuals who experience taste more intensely than others, and these Supertasters seem to want more salt in their diet.

The health foods that try to be healthier by reducing their salt content are simply not palatable to these supertasters who perceive each taste, bitter, sweet, salty and sour, more acutely.

Americans eat two to three times the amount of salt that is recommended; consequently food product manufacturers and restaurants have been called upon to reduce the amount of salt that they put into their products.

However the fact that many are unable to cut down on salt, could be due to a genetic predisposition, which causes them to actually dislike low salt food and find it unpalatable, even bitter.

This however does not mean that you eat all the salt you want saying you may be supertaster. You can still go in for reduced salt items if not salt free items. Also remember to guard against hidden sources of salt: pasta sauces, certain cereals etc.