Are Energy Drinks Good For Your Diet?

energy drinksMany people think that energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster and even the Starbucks Double Shots are good while you are dieting because they do at least one of two things for you.

They either raise your metabolism so whatever you eat assuming you eat regularly and not indulging, will be burnt off or that you will be less hungry while and after drinking your energy drink because it has properties similar to a diet pill and makes you feel fuller.

Both of these are true with some people and both are not true with some people. Relying solely on energy drinks for your diet plan is probably not the best idea but it could help you along the way a bit.

For example, oftentimes when we are tired we reach for food because it offers comfort. If we are at work or somewhere else that we cannot take a nap it is convenient to reach for food to comfort us. If we reach for an energy drink instead we will both energize ourselves and opt to not reach for the potato chips.

On the flip side energy drinks can oftentimes keep us awake to an hour we would not normally be awake at which time we would eat, thus counteracting the plan.