All About The Yogurt Diet Trap

yogurtContaining carbohydrates, fats (don’t worry-the good ones), calcium and phosphorus, the yogurt is the ultimate food with rich nutritional value like cheese and milk.

Researchers found out that consuming 3 glasses of yogurt a day would make the belly get thinner by 2.5cm.

Of course, it must be considered that light yogurt would make the best effect in order not to gain unnecessary calories. You must also beware the sugars inside the yogurt. Probiotics may be fashionable and advertised, but most of them contain additional sugar which makes them not so suited for the diet.

But what is the secret? Is this diet for real? The secret of the weight loss while eating yogurt is because of calcium. With the calcium, the body solves the excessive fat and prevents the new ones. So, yogurt diet is really helping with condition you are careful with what kind of yogurt you eat.

Considering the labels, the ones which say “contains the active yogurt cultures” are recommended to be chosen for consuming. Also, when buying a normal yogurt, slicing fresh fruit and/or seeds (nuts, walnut, almond, etc) inside it would be helpful as a break-meal before or after the lunch.

The fruit yogurt available in supermarkets is the most common trap people go into. They have very little fruit but a whole bunch of fructose which is plain sugar. So try and stay away from them.