Good Foods To Help With Stress Reduction

good foodThere are some food types that can actually help reduce levels of stress, depending on how anxious each individual person is.

Refined carbohydrates can at times set off unstable blood sugar levels which may cause headaches, tetchiness, anxiety, uncertainty and other stress factors.

Diet supplements or herbs, which can be found in health food shops, can also help reduce stress, such as valerian or chamomile. On the contrary, other food types such as chocolate, coffee, tea, soft drinks will increase the level of stress and will not help relieve anxiety.

Other natural foods, which can help with stress, are dark-green leafy vegetables that are rich in magnesium and calcium; these elements relax the muscles with an ensuing calming affect. A supplement of a combination of the two minerals can also be taken if needed.

Stress can also cause weight problems, which in turn will give origin to other health problems; therefore the level of stress must be lessened in order to avoid further troubles.

Take time to relax and sleep correctly, for while we sleep, a hormone named cortisol is let out by the adrenal glands, this has an anti-inflammatory effect on our cells and body, and is a well known stress hormone.

Cortisol aids in releasing sugar into the bloodstream used for any energy need the body may require amongst its other functions.